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Wood-Mizer History

Wood-Mizer’s history began in the USA in 1982 with the names of Donald Laskowski and Daniel Tekulve. Their first product – the ‘LT30’ sawmill (‘LT’ derives from the first letter of the co-inventors’ surnames) was patented in 1984.  Later, a larger model LT40 was unveiled. A factory, set up in Indianapolis, subsequently manufactured over 2 500 sawmills in just 5 years. The inexpensive sawmill turning out lumber of the quality normally associated with costlier mills, was a success!

Original Wood-Mizer Sawmill Laskowski 1982Original Wood-Mizer Sawmill Laskowski 1982

The portable sawmill industry grew and customers demanded sawmills with higher productivity. Wood-Mizer responded by launching the Super series in 1997. The next sawmill was the LT15 – the smallest offered by Wood-Mizer at that stage.

Their arrival in Europe was literally through a wind of change. A big wind. The 1987 hurricane laid waste to millions of trees in northeast France, Great Britain and southwestern Scandinavia. Orders from Britain and Norway bombarded the Indianapolis plant, indicating a wider need for the increasingly popular band sawmills all over Europe.

During 1989 and 1990, sales continued to increase in Europe dramatically and it was decided to create a European Office to take care our European customers. Sales in Poland were also very brisk and it was decided to locate our European headquarters in Poland.

Initially, fully assembled sawmills were imported from the USA but as  European demand grew, certain production activities started in Poland and in 1994-95, new production and assembly facilities were laid down. An engineering and design department was set up. This created new, truly European products like AC electric band sawmills, CBN sharpeners, a semi-industrial sharpener, as well as the widely used small-to-medium LT20 sawmill. 

Today, Wood-Mizer Industries is a dynamic and modern international company. Europe, Asia and Africa are all served by the European Headquarters.  Operating to ISO 9001:2008 standards, the modern plant employs more than 300 people. In 2007, a new 2 400m2 blade production building was completed to allow installation of further blade lines as well as release space in the sawmill production building.  

In 2012-2013, two new buildings were completed, adding more than 4 200m2 of production and office space. A larger production building and a customer service and workshop building were finished.

Wood-Mizer Europe new production hall 2014

Wood-Mizer’s service centres are increasing, with representatives in more than 100 countries. These are in addition to wholly owned branches in Germany, Great Britain, Norway and Russia (which has its own network of blades distributors in 20 Russian regions).

During more than 30 years of worldwide operation, Wood-Mizer has manufactured more than 60 000 sawmills plus a great array of complimentary wood-processing equipment. 

Wood-Mizer Europe Employee photo 2014