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Wood-Mizer News

Wood-Mizer Sawmills Salvage Urban Timber at COP26 in Glasgow 2021

For the past few decades, people have been witnessing climate changes that seem to have a growing impact on their closest environment, households, as well as their health and...

Celebrating 40 Years of Wood-Mizer USA

Wood-Mizer, the global-leading sawmill and woodworking equipment manufacturer, celebrates 40 years of providing people throughout the world with the products and services to...

Wood-Mizer Europe wraps up 2021 and makes further plans for the future

With the year coming to an end, it is time to review crucial moments and plans for next year. In an interview with our Sales Director, Mr Krzysztof Kropidłowski, we’ll reflect...

Wood-Mizer Introduces New G57 Gasoline Engine for LT70 and...

Recently, Wood-Mizer updated its professional sawmill offering by replacing the diesel engines with new gasoline G57 engines to its LT70 and LT70WIDE sawmills. The gasoline...

CookieMizer Clamping Jig – a Smart Attachment for Your Sawmill

Start making your own wood cookies safely and efficiently for walkway steps, small tabletops, and other decorative or practical items. Install a CookieMizer attachment on your...

Wood-Mizer Introduces MP220 Moulder / Planer / Ripsaw

The Wood-Mizer MP220 woodworking machine efficiently combines three operations – moulding, planing, and ripsawing – in one unit, saving time and reducing costs for sawyers and...

Focus on Productivity: Wood-Mizer LT70 HEAVY-DUTY Sawmilling Line

Wood-Mizer announces a new LIVE broadcast presenting one of the toughest machines for sawmilling from Wood-Mizer, the LT70 HEAVY-DUTY, in cooperation with the edger EG300,...

E-book «How to Improve a Sawmill Blade Performance» for free download

The Wood-Mizer team prepared an e-Book with the most popular website articles about sawmill blades. According to the web statistics, this is the most frequently searched...

Wood-Mizer Europe Expands Production and Office Building in Poland

Wood-Mizer Industries has recently opened for operation its expanded production and office hall in Poland, which had been in construction since July 2020. With 2,600 m2, the...

Sawmiller's best choice - the original BLADES from Wood-Mizer

Have you ever wondered what makes Wood-Mizer blades so much appreciated by customers worldwide? Welcome to a video tour in which you'll see how our blades are produced and...


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