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Wood-Mizer News

Coming soon! Wood-Mizer is going to present a twin-saw Horizontal Resaw HR250

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Coming soon! Wood-Mizer is going to present a twin-saw Horizontal Resaw HR250

The New  Wood-Mizer Twin-Blade Horizontal Resaw has a very unique design. Compared to very well know Horizontal Resaws from Wood-Mizer HR500, HR700 and HR1000, saw heads are placed one after another, in the new HR250 Horizontal Resaw two blades on 4 blade wheels are placed one on top of another. New design has following properties:

-          Each blade is powered by a separate 15kW motor

-          Dynamically balanced non-belted blade wheels are prepared for running 32-50mm wide blades

-          Automatic blade tensioning system is constantly measuring and keeping optimal blade tension during sawing

-          Electronic setworks allow to set each blade’s height independently

-          Cant is being fed in on a rubber conveyor with adjustable feed rate 5-25 m/min

-          Cant is being secured by two hold down rollers, one of them pneumatically powered.

The new Wood-Mizer HR250 will soon be on sale. Orders are already being accepted by your local Wood-Mizer representatives. 



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