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Wood-Mizer News

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Focus on Productivity: Wood-Mizer LT70 HEAVY-DUTY Sawmilling Line

Wood-Mizer announces a new LIVE broadcast presenting one of the toughest machines for sawmilling from Wood-Mizer, the LT70 HEAVY-DUTY, in cooperation with the edger EG300, loading ramps, and a sorting table. The online presentation is scheduled for June 10, 2021, and will also be available as a YouTube record.

Did you ever see the LT70 sawmill in action? Sure you did! It’s one of the best-known professional sawmills from Wood-Mizer, featuring a large and durable head capable of precise and productive sawmilling. But did you ever see it in HEAVY-DUTY configuration working in the heart of a production line along with other machinery? If you didn’t, here comes a real opportunity.

In the upcoming LIVE presentation “Focus on Productivity,” Wood-Mizer is going to showcase one of its toughest sawmilling machines, the LT70 HEAVY-DUTY, in cooperation with the edger EG300, loading ramps, and a sorting table. You can see this advanced and efficient production line in real-time action.

Feel free to join the broadcast, scheduled for June 10, 2021,
- Polish language 10:00 am (GMT+2)
- English language 1:00 pm (GMT+2).

At this page https://www.woodmizer-europe.com/live you can see the stream schedule, subscribe and set a reminder to be invited to the transmission.

The show host is Adam Kubiak, Industrial Sales Manager, one of the leading engineers of Wood-Mizer, who is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and experience on the topic of industrial sawmilling solutions.

The sawmilling line presented during the LIVE stream consists of:
- EG300 Multirip Board Edger  
- Sorting table
- 2,7-m-long chain conveyor with drive
- Log-loading ramp
- LT70 Remote control station

In the heart of the line is the LT70 HEAVY-DUTY sawmill, a combination of two well-proven Wood-Mizer sawmills – the LT70 wide sawing head and the advanced industrial WM4000 sawmill bed. By joining these particular features of the two machines, Wood-Mizer created an impressively efficient and fast sawmill while keeping low-cost maintenance and ease of operation.

The LT70 HEAVY-DUTY sawmill is a solution for high-volume sawmilling companies. It features a massive head capable of a precise cutting of 95 cm wide logs assisted by the automatic setting of board thickness, electrically adjustable blade guide arm, automated blade lubrication system, a debarker, and a laser sight. The operator controls the machine from a remote station, positioned in the most comfortable place near the sawmill.  

The HEAVY-DUTY sawmill has a large and solid bed supported by Super Hydraulics for quick and easy handling of big logs. The bed features a robust central log clamp on two rods, an absorption roller, a short conveyor belt, two power rollers on double cylinders, a bi-directional chain turner, and three double vertical supports. This configuration can be upgraded with additional bed sections, log-loading deck, sorting table, or raised legs of the bed for better integration into existing sawmilling systems.

Wood-Mizer engineering team has designed the presented production line to meet individual customer requirements. This team specializes in developing various sawmilling systems for customers looking for ways to reduce installation, operation, and maintenance costs while producing more timber and less waste and lowering labor requirements.  



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