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Wood-Mizer News

Wood-Mizer Moulders / Planers Christmas Promotion

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Wood-Mizer Moulders / Planers Christmas Promotion

Purchase one of Wood-Mizer moulders/planers until January 31, 2021 and save 5% or 10% depending on a selected machine model. With these compact, high-quality machines, you can add planing/moulding/thicknessing operations to your sawmilling and get more valuable final products.  

The promotion includes the following Wood-Mizer products:  
  • - MP360 Four-sided Moulder/Planer - 10% discount until 31.01.2021  
  • - MP260 Four-side Moulder/Planer with tables - 10% discount until 31.01.2021 
  • - MP200 Two-sided Moulder/Thicknesser with tables - 10% discount until 31.01.2021  
  • - MP180 Multiplaner - 5% discount until 31.01.2021  
  • - MP160 Surface Planer and Thicknesser with two motors and tables - 5% discount until 31.01.2021  

This promotion also includes basic or extended knife sets for MP260 and MP360 four-sided planers at a 10% discount.  

Call your Wood-Mizer representative for a quote.  

A detailed Wood-Mizer four-sided moulders/planers overview - read on this page.  
Video-presentation of Wood-Mizer moulders/planers МР160, МР180, MP260 and МР360 



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