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Ideal for companies that need an affordable multi-head resaw, the HR500 can grow with your business. 

From one to six heads, the HR500’s modular design allows you to add more saw heads later, and produce up to six boards and one slab in one pass. For short cants less than 1.2m long or material with internal tension, a steel double roller option is available. 

A separate control stand holds all controls for the resaw. Blade lubrication and hydraulic blade tension are centrally located to increase productivity and ease of access. Standard, the resaw heads are adjusted with a manual screw. Setworks with electric up/down can be added optionally to boost productivity. 

The saw heads tilt from 0°-8° to produce tapered siding products. These features allow the HR500 to produce not only pallet boards – its most popular use – but also siding, flooring, fencing, and more. For returning unfinished cants back through the resaw, roller tables are available for a manual cant return system. 

The base HR500 module includes two heads as standard. To extend the resaw, all that is needed is to add another two-head module and install a longer conveyor belt. The modular design makes transportation easier and less costly, as well as giving businesses the option to scale up their resaw capability.


Modular Configuration
Start with the 2-head base and extend with one or two additional modules anytime in the future.

Steel Conveyor Belt

Steel Conveyor Belt
More durable than rubber belts for long term use.

Tilt Head

Head Tilt 0°-8°
Produce varied angled final products easily with the tilting heads.

Blade tension

Centralised Blade Tension and Lubrication
Each module has centralised blade tension and lubrication for both heads.


Optional automatic up/down
Increase operator productivity with the optional electronic setworks and electric up/down.

Double Roller option

Double Roller Option
The additional rollers provides the stability to handle shorter cants less than 1.2m long.


Standard 11 kW electric / per head
Options 7.5 kW electric / per head
Cutting Capacity
Min. Cant width 75 mm
Max. Cant width 300 mm
Min. Cant height 10 mm
Max. Cant height 400 mm
Max. Cant height with optional rollers 300 mm
Min. Material length 900 mm
Max. Material length 3.6 m (additional tables required for longer lengths)
Min. Cutting height 6 mm
Max. Cutting height 200 mm
Max. Cutting height with electric up / down 180 mm
Resaw Features & Options
Standard 11 kW electric motor per head
Steel track conveyor (190 mm wide)
Hold-down rollers
Control stand
Centralised blade lubrication (per 2 head module)
Centralised blade tension (per 2 head module)
Adjustable blade guide arm
Adjustable guide fence
Manual screw up / down
Options Multi-Setworks with electric up / down
Steel double rollers
Cross roller table
Idle roller table
Belt speed 0 - 20 m per minute
Head Tilt 0º - 8º
Length 4010 mm
Width 32-38 mm
Blade Wheel Diameter 600 mm
Resaw Requirements
Length 3.50 m
 Dust collection port size  
 Normal power usage 1-head 25 Amp
2-heads 45 Amp
With 2nd module
Length 6.35 m
Normal power usage 3-heads 70 Amp
4-heads 90 Amp
With 3rd module
Length 8.60 m
Normal power usage 5-heads 120Amp
6-heads 140 Amp

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