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The LT70 Sawmill Series is designed to meet the demands of the modern high production sawmilling enterprise, while incorporating thin-kerf blade technology to increase profits. 

For sawmillers who need more capacity, the LT70 is available with a WIDE head which allows the sawmill to cut larger logs, wider boards, and wider cants.

The LT70 comes standard with belted blade wheels for running 32-38 mm blades, or can be configured with wider crowned cast iron wheels in order to run 50 mm blades. The larger blade wheels and 50 mm blades can be ordered for either the regular head width or the WIDE head. 

Log handling with the LT70 can be configured for the exact needs of your business – Manual, Hydraulic, or Super Hydraulic log handling configurations are available to match productivity and budget requirements. With the powerful Accuset or PLC computer Setworks, the operator can focus on high quality production and keep the blade in the log more of the time. 

The high performance LubeMizer blade lubrication system keeps the blade clean and enhances sawing performance. Wood-Mizer’s wide range of affordable blades are designed for all cutting requirements, and deliver maximum log yield and minimal waste of valuable timber. 

Popular Options 

Full mobility for your sawmill can be achieved with the addition of a trailer package. The optional Debarker prolongs blade life by clearing away dirt and rocks from the bark. Various electric and diesel engine options are available.


SW Setworks

Electronic setworks
Increases productivity and accuracy using the powerful Setworks to quickly position the head for the next cut with precise dimensions.

Blade Tension

Rugged blade tension 
Airbag blade tension system ensures tension consistency.


LubeMizer blade lubrication 
Pressure pulse lubrication system maximises blade performance.

Trailer Package

Mobile Trailer  
Fully-compliant for trailer specifications. Includes adjustable outrigger supports for stability on any terrain.

Double block blade guides

Roller / double block blade guides
Accurate sawing with maximum blade stability.

Hydraulic Clamp

Manual or Hydraulic Options
Manual or optionally fully hydraulic control of loading, turning, clamping, and adjusting logs on the sawmill.

LT70 video

LT70 Customer Videos


Standard 15 kW electric
Options 18.5 kW electric
57 kW electric
Cutting Capacity
Length 4.8 m - S bed
6.1 m - M bed
8.4 m - L bed
Diameter 95 cm
Max. width of cut 73 cm
Max. cant width 64 cm
Sawmill Head Features & Options
Standard SW PLC (AC only)
Accuset2 (DC only) 
Power up / down
Power feed
Electric blade guide arm
Roller, double block blade guides
AutoCluch (DC only)
Options 50 mm blades Crowned Wheel Kit
Laser Sight
Operator Seat
Wireless remote
SW PLC2 (AC only)
Sawmill Bed Features & Options
Manual Log Handling Clamp
Side supports
Winch turner (optional)
Loading arms (optional - manual hydraulic)
Hydraulic Log Handling Clamp
Loading arms
Taper rollers
Side supports
Hold-down clamps
Super Hydraulic Log Handling
(42 HP, M bed, AC only)
Chain turner
Loading arms
Power taper roller
Taper roller
2 Vertical side supports
Hold-down clamps
Options Cable curtain with control station
Length 4670 mm
Width 32-50 mm (for 50mm blades requires Crowned Blade Wheels Kit)
Blade Wheel diameter 600 mm
Sawmill Requirements
Normal power usage 40 Amp
Dust collection port size 150 mm

Latest Success Stories

Italian family firewood business boosts profits with LT70 sawmill

Italian family firewood business boosts profits with LT70 sawmill

Stefano Chini has expanded the firewood business his grandfather started by adding an LT70 sawmill in order to create a better business for the future.