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The NEW LX450 twin rail sawmill makes Wood-Mizer the first and only manufacturer to give sawyers the choice between a monorail or twin rail design.

Featuring many of the same benefits of the world renowned Wood-Mizer LT sawmill series, the new LX450 sawmill expands the available cutting width capacity on a professional Wood-Mizer sawmill to 86 cm, and expands the depth of cut to 41 cm.

A key innovation of the Wood-Mizer LX450 sawmill is the rigid LX Frame sawhead tower that holds the control panel, engine, and the sawmill head. Heavy-duty log handling features on the bed and even stronger bedrails ensure a sawmill with lasting productivity. Customise the sawmill to your requirements with the many options available.

X frame

The LX450 is engineered with a rigid XFrame sawhead tower that travels on twin parallel hardened steel bars and holds the sturdy sawmill head.

LX450 Equipment

LX450 Electric motor

Main Electric Motor
15 kW electric motor is standard.


Electronic setworks
Increases productivity using easy-to-use setworks to precisely position the head for the next cut.

log turner

Hydraulic Bi-directional Chain Log Turner
Industrial chain for turning the biggest logs.

Power roller

Hydraulic Power Roller
Used for positioning the log in the optimal place on the bed, and also for removing cants from the sawmill.

taper roller

Hydraulic Taper Roller
For precise log leveling and positioning.

Central clamp

Hydraulic Central Clamp
Clamps and stabilises the log during the cutting process and is also used to turn squared cants. Extra Heavy-duty clamp is available as an option.

Side supports

Vertical Side Supports
Keeps the log on the bed during loading and turning. Ensures the timber remains stable during the cutting process.

manual side supports

Manual Side Supports
(optional) 2 manual supports help to secureshort logs.


(optional) Removes dirt and rocks from the blade path, keeping the blades in better condition between sharpening, and extending overall blade life. 

hold down clamp

Hold Down Clamp
(optional) Clamps the cant from two sides during cutting. Excellent for cants with internal stress.


7 Angled Bedrails with Stainless Steel Sleeves
For optimum log support.

Log Arms

Hydraulic Log Loading Arms
Effortlessly lift logs onto the sawmill bed.

Available Hydraulic Packages
AHS2 1 x Bi-directional Chain Turner; 1 x Central Clamp; 2 x Taper Rollers; 2 x Vertical Side Supports
AHS3 1 x Bi-directional Chain Turner; 1 x Central Clamp; 2 x Taper Rollers; 2 x Vertical Side Supports; 1 x Log Loading Arms
AHS4 1 x Bi-directional Chain Turner; 1 x Central Clamp; 2 x Taper Rollers; 2 x Vertical Side Supports; 2 x Hold Down Clamps
AHS5 1 x Bi-directional Chain Turner; 1 x Central Clamp; 2 x Taper Rollers; 2 x Vertical Side Supports; 2 x Hold Down Clamps; 1 x Log Loading Arms

LX450 Video

LX450 Customer Videos


Standard 15 kW Electric Motor
Optional 18.5 kW Electric Motor
Cutting Capacity
Length 6.10 m
Diameter 91.5 cm
Max. width of cut 86 cm
Sawmill Head Features & Options
Standard Power Feed
Power up/down
SW10 Setworks
Electric Blade Guide Arm
Roller blade guides
Hydraulic Blade Tension System
Blade Lubrication
Optional Debarker
Sawmill Bed Features
Standard Hydraulic Packages (AHS2-AHS5)
Optional Heavy-duty Central Clamp
Manual Side Supports (2 pcs)
Length4544 mm
Width 32 mm standard (35 mm or 38 mm optional)
Blade Wheel diameter 480mm (19”)

Latest Success Stories

Monday, January 14, 2019

From sawing raw logs to moulding finished flooring – One Scotsman can do it all with Wood-Mizer Equipment.

Just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland, Sandy Crook has retired from his full time tree surgeon business to spend more time with what he really enjoys, seeing timber turned into final products. With his full complement of Wood-Mizer sawmills and new MP360 planer/moulder, he can do everything in-house.

For 17 years, Sandy ran a successful arborist business in Scotland. Now he’s ready to settle down, and his version of ‘retirement’ is building his own house among the rolling green hills west of Edinburgh, while investing in more and more Wood-Mizer equipment.

“I had built up my range of equipment, forestry mulchers, chippers, grinders, stump grinders…but after reaching a certain age, it started to hurt, and bureaucracy kicked in as well.” Sandy laughs, reflecting on his arborist career. “It was just too much and it wasn’t enjoyable anymore. So I sold a lot of my equipment and instead bought sawmills to focus on doing what I enjoy.”

Sandy has a mobile LT40 sawmill, plus a WM1000 wide capacity sawmill, which was the first of its kind in Scotland. 
“The WM1000 is for breaking down large timber to make tablestops and furniture,” Sandy shares. “And I have an LT40 that’s mobile to be able to go onsite, whether for contract milling or just milling for myself.”
“And just recently I’ve bought a MP360 Planer/Moulder from Wood-Mizer,” Sandy says. The MP360 planes and moulds on all four sides of boards at once - a necessary step in producing finished wood products from rough-sawn lumber. This ability to plane and mould timber was previously missing from Sandy’s workshop.   

“I was starting to make tables, and I had customers looking for tongue-in-groove and such. I looked around and did a lot of research on the internet, and the MP360 covered everything - all the bases I needed.”
One of the main reasons that Sandy was attracted to the MP360 was for its ease of use and its flexibility to handle different kinds of moulding projects in large or small quantities.

“I don’t want to spend half a day adjusting the machine to do half an hour’s cutting,” Sandy says. “With the MP360, I can be moulding big timber one minute, and then be making tongue-in-groove the next. It’s a ten minute job to switch out a couple of knives. Its ease of use and compactness make it a very user-friendly machine.” 
Now with his planer/moulder in place in the workshop, he can handle just about any custom timber projects that come his way.

“Customers come into the yard and pick a log,” Sandy says. “I personally felled them all, so I know the history of each one. I put it on the WM1000, and break it down into cants. Then I resaw it on the LT40, and finally I put it through the planer/moulder to their specification. By having it all in-house, The MP360 Moulder/Planer will help me diversify into a much larger market. I fell trees and I produce a finished product.” 
Sandy is planning to build a house next to his current workshop and equipment barn. The MP360 will be put to good use throughout the build. 

“I’m also going to be building a house on site, so I can do my own design, I can do my own skirting boards and basically the whole interior design,” Sandy shares. “My house is going to be unique inside. Just about everything is going to be wood - tables, skirting boards, railings, staircases. And I have a lot of elm, so probably elm floorboards.” 

“Running my tree surgeon business I’ve managed to collect some unique hardwoods, which I intend to use the WM1000 to break down, plus using the LT40 and MP360 moulder/planer.”