WM 2019

Save up to on Sawmills.

How it works:

All professional range Wood-Mizer sawmills are discounted 3% off the base model price.

Increase your total discount up to 7% by adding accessories to your sawmill. Get 1% extra discount per accessory.

Promotion is valid until May 31, 2019

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1. Select a sawmill model
2. Select your required accessories*
3. Watch your discount grow!

* Only additional compatible accessories can be selected for each machine.

Electronic Setworks
Angled bed rails
Bed extensions
Engine Upgrade
Blade Lubrication System
Laser Sight
Auto Clutch
Board Removal System
Offloading Board Table
Hydraulic Log Handling Package
Remote Operator Station
Overhead Cable Curtain
Mobile Trailer Package
Power Feed

Total Discount: %

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(Example of LT40 with 8% extra for hydraulics)

Wood-Mizer LT40

Base model: LT40SE15SMH-SW
Discount on base model: 3%

With following adds-on:

1. 15 kW Electric Motor instead of 11kW + 1%
2. AH3 Hydraulic Package + 1% + 8% (BEAT THE RUSH SPECIAL)
3. Angled bed rails + 1%
4. M Bed extension + 1%

Final model: LT40ME20SAH3-SWR
Discount on final model: 15%

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